Create internal tools with no pain

Setup simple UI widgets connected to your AWS account and share them with your team.

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    • AWS CDK

You name it. You build it.

Your imagination is the only limit. But here are 4 examples...

Is your Slack workspace overpopulated with Slackbots? Are you tired of wiring up so many different APIs and webhooks? With Buttonize you can easily connect your Lambda function to a widget and manage the access with a granular permission system.

Buttonize handles the
boring stuff for you.

Buttonize provides you with everything you need to build your Serverless internal tools without wasting too much time on little details. There's a permission system, Infrastructure as Code support, integration customizability, fine-tuned UI components, and much more. Just try it!

Infrastructure as Code

Use our AWS CDK constructs to deploy the widgets alongside your lambdas

At Buttonize we think as many things as possible should be manageable by Infrastructure as Code to preserve best practices, a great developer experience, and smooth out operations.

Permission system

Have granular control over access to your widgets

Split your team members into an arbitrary number of permission groups and control which widgets each group can interact with. People see only things they have rights to. No more confusion.

Tight AWS integration

Connect Buttonize to your AWS accounts with ease

Easily and securely connect Buttonize with your AWS account(s) via AWS IAM roles. If you want to keep it simple, Buttonize provides you with a one-click CfN template, or you can control the role policies yourself.

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Join a community of cloud builders. Discuss your ideas, request missing features, get help, and have fun!

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Simple Pricing

Buttonize is a customer driven company. You need it, you get it. Share your needs with us on Discord.


Free forever. A great fit for little stuff.

per user
per month
  • Up to 10 active widgets
  • Up to 5 team members
  • 2 levels permissions system
  • AWS CDK constructs
  • Discord community support
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All you need if you work in a team.

per user
per month
  • Up to 100 active widgets
  • Up to 30 team members
  • Powerful permission system
  • AWS CDK constructs
  • Priority customer support
  • Discord community support
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Medium business / Enterprise

Want a quantity discount? Sure.

Custom pricing
  • Unlimited active widgets
  • Unlimited team members
  • Powerful permission system
  • AWS CDK constructs
  • Priority customer support
  • Discord community support
  • Pay per monthly active users
  • Prioritized features requests
  • Custom branding
  • Vanity domain
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Founded by an industry expert.

Buttonize is result of 6+ years of experience with building fully Serverless applications in growing teams and lack of tooling for crafting internal tools while keeping a great DX standards like Infrastructure as Code.

At Buttonize we treat Serverless Developers and Cloud Engineers as first-class citizens. Our mission is to create a powerful platform for building UI components on top of cloud services and make developers more productive and happy at their work. The biggest Low-Code tools are made for non-developers and are going exactly against all the best practices from software engineering. They produce unmaintainable and unsustainable software. Buttonize is a Low-Code platform made primarily for developers which brings an ultimate value to the table - like for example our awesome CDK constructs for deploying the widgets via Infrastructure as Code.

Filip Pyrek
Founder of Buttonize, AWS Serverless Hero