Buttonize your Serverless infrastructure right now

Setup simple UI widgets connected to your AWS infrastructure and quickly deliver internal tools for your non-developer colleagues.

Seemles integration with Serverless market leaders

    • AWS
    • Serverless Framework
      Coming soon
    • AWS CDK

Serverless developer's dream come true.

Buttonize just seamlessly clicks into your existing Serverless infrastructure.

In case you can't Buttonize your infrastructure via Infrastructure as Code tools, Buttonize offers you a friendly UI widget editor where you can acomplish everything you need.

Buttonize any AWS Service.

Buttonize utilizes similar design pattern like AWS Direct Service Integration. You can dynamically specify in a JavaScript mapping template code what AWS service should be called based on the input data with what arguments.

Basic AWS Integration

Buttonize a lambda function right after the sign-up.

The easiest way how to Buttonize a Lambda function is to choose the basic integration. Just enter the region and the function name and you are ready to go.

Custom AWS Integration

Freedom to call any AWS service you need.

Start State Machine execution, Restart EC2 Instance, Invalidate CloudFront cache, Delete item from DynamoDB, Send a message to SNS Topic. You name it.

Output formats

Show data in format of your choice. For example Markdown.

You can use Text, JSON and Markdown format for rendering results of AWS service invocations as for example output from DynamoDB Get Item operation.

Buttonize is free of charge, for now.

Start using Buttonize for free and tell us what features YOU want.


Lite plan coming soon...


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All features needed for Buttonizing your infrastructure.


  • Unlimited widgets number
  • Unlimited team members
  • AWS Cloud integration UI Editor
  • AWS CDK Constructs
  • AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources
  • Serverless Framework Plugin
  • Customer Support
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Enteprise plan coming soon...


  • All features from lower tiers
  • Audit logs
  • Advanced permissions system
  • Premium support
  • Priority features
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Founded by an industry expert.

Buttonize is result of 5+ years of experience with building fully Serverless applications in growing teams and lack of tooling for crafting internal tools while keeping a great DX standards like Infrastructure as Code.

I founded Buttonize because I saw a great opportunity how to help Serverless ecosystem to grow and boost productivity of Servelress teams while keeping great Developer Experience features like integration with existing Infrastructure as Code tools and direct service integration feature for giving freedom to Serverless developers to express themselves. My dream is to create AWS console for non-developers.

Filip Pyrek
Founder of Buttonize