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All of your company. One bundle.

Everything you need to deal with internal apps.


Go ahead and try Buttonize either for a personal project or limited business-use. Start small.


  • Up to 5 apps
  • 3 seats included
  • 1 deployment environment
  • Discord community support


Once you discover all the benefits of building with Buttonize, you'll want to expand.


  • Up to 20 apps
  • 20 seats included
  • 2 deployment environments
  • Priority support
  • Basic permission system


The amount of flexibility Buttonize brings to your operations is game-changing. You're ready to go all in!


  • Unlimited apps
  • 50 seats included (+ $5 per extra)
  • Unlimited deployment environments
  • Priority support
  • Advanced permission system
  • Influence over the new features

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