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Build your own little AWS Console in CDK with Buttonize

22nd March 2024

Filip Pyrek

We are proud to announce the launch of Buttonize.io, the easiest way to hook up UI components directly to AWS Lambda functions.

Buttonize is a fully managed SaaS platform connected directly to your AWS environment, providing you with an Infrastructure-as-Code abstraction, such as an AWS CDK library with a rich set of UI components and actions for building internal tools on top of the cloud.

How Buttonize can help you

Buttonize helps developers and companies using AWS solve the painful problem of internal tooling.

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Problems with internal tooling

Internal tooling is a perennial problem. We all have these “temporary” tools in our companies that have been around forever with so much tech debt that everybody is afraid to touch the code.

When deciding on internal tooling, companies usually have three options

  1. Build the app from scratch - API + auth + frontend + indefinite maintenance
  2. Use a drag-and-drop platform, such as Retool - all developers hate no-code tools
  3. Create Slack bots - a text interface is sufficient for only a small number of use-cases
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Buttonize comes to the rescue

We think these three principles are important when solving business problem via internal tools.

  • Minimize future maintenance
  • Build it quickly
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel

Buttonize gives you a way to build and deploy internal apps with tools you already use. We provide you with CDK Constructs that have simple interfaces which allow you to define UI components and connect them to AWS. No need to worry about anything else. Just run cdk deploy. That’s it.

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Demo video

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